Initial Diagnostic Psychiatric Assessment with ARNP (60 Min)



The aims of a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation are:

  • To identify biological, psychological, and social factors that may contribute to the patient’s symptoms.
  • To establish whether a mental disorder is present.
  • To collaborate with the patient and to develop a treatment plan.

During the evaluation, we identify problems that appear to be chemical, which may require medication for treatment. For other issues, therapy is the primary focus of treatment. Most patients will have a combination of chemical, psychological and social factors. We provide psychiatric services in a comprehensive, compassionate manner. Our patients are never rushed through an appointment with one-hour new patient psychiatric evaluations and 30-minute follow-up appointments.


What is a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a mental health assessment that is administered by a physician or psychiatric ARNP to provide an overall picture of mental health. This assessment, which lasts about an hour, will check how you’re able to think, reason, and remember through various exercises. Throughout the evaluation, you will be encouraged to answer questions about your personal life including your relationships with friends, family, and others. This information will be used to help your provider make decisions about your mental health needs.

We can coordinate care with outside providers such as licensed mental health counselors or primary care physicians. We do not overbook so our patients have ample time to communicate their issues and discuss a treatment plan.


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